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Everything I do is a direct result of my life experiences… Growing up in a large Italian family, getting married, raising two children (one of whom has special needs), being a full-time working mom and wife, caring for my husband through cancer, etc. My speaking & coaching is also the fruit of fourteen years of experience as an advocate to parents of children with and without special needs.

Here are some of the subjects I specialize in and examples of speaking engagement topics:

HE CARES FOR THE CAREGIVERWomen are often the caregiver of everyone and we take care of everything… and we grow weary. We must remember in the ordinary days, God is still with us, and we can’t give up! Scripture focus: Gal 6:9- “Let us not grow weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap the harvest if we do not give up.”

SURVIVING SURVIVAL MODEWhether you are in survival mode in your parenting, as a spouse or in your career, you won’t be there forever. I share my real life experiences with Survival Mode and what you learn about yourself in the midst of it.

YOU ARE NOT ALONEWe all feel alone on our special parenting journey at some point. I focus on how we are not alone on this journey, God is guiding our steps and there are others on the road we can connect with to help us endure.

FINDING YOUR TEAMAs a special parent, you are the head coach of your team. I focus on how you can choose your team and trust your decision making along the way.

SPECIAL SIBLINGSSiblings of children with special needs often get lost in the shuffle. With all the running to appointments, it is challenging to focus on all of our children. I share some tips on how to spread your energy to all of your children.

WHAT CANCER TAUGHT MY FAMILYI share my journey of supporting my husband through his cancer diagnosis, treatment, recovery and remission. I focus on how my husband describes his cancer as a “gift” and all the life lessons we learned from it.

HOLD ON TO HOPERegardless of what struggles you may have in your life, there is hope. I share through many of my life’s struggles, God has been my anchor of hope.

EMPATHY 101: INCREASING YOUR CAPACITY FOR EMPATHYIf you are in any type of “helping” profession, it is easy to forget the reason you do what you do. I will share how to prevent burnout, remember the reason for your work and how to light the fire of empathy inside you again.


*Topics are geared toward audience and can be customized to meet your needs.