The Next Right Thing

I recently saw the Disney movie Frozen 2 with my daughter—she is the lover of all Disney movies, and this one was no different…

Without spoiling the movie for you, at one point, Anna, the younger sister, is inside a cave and she thinks she is all alone, with no guidance and with no way out in sight.

Anna sings these words, “I’ve seen dark before, but not like this. This is cold, this is empty, this is numb. The life I knew is over, the lights are out…..This grief has a gravity, it pulls me down.. But a tiny voice whispers in my mind. You are lost, hope is gone. But you must go on–And do the next right thing.”

Obviously everyone in the theater was taking these words in with the context of the movie—but not me. I was on the verge of tears thinking of parents of children with differently-abled children.



These words hold so much weight in my heart because they are so very compelling, so true. When we arrive in this world of parenting we never thought we’d encounter, it definitely feels like we are in the middle of a dark cave with no way out. We literally feel the weight of the grief that comes without warning, and we feel numb. It seems like a hopeless place and we cannot see even the tiniest beacon of light…

But without even realizing it, a little voice inside all of us tells us to get up and keep moving forward. We take one step in front of the other and start on this new –found journey. We hope and pray that the decisions that we make for our child are ones that will allow him or her to accomplish new things, but we aren’t sure…

Even though we are not sure, we must keep on keeping on and do the next thing that we know to be right. Right for ourselves , our special child and our family. We start to trust our new instincts that we didn’t even know we had. Because our hearts are forever changed in these “cave” moments, we have no choice but to allow ourselves to fail and get back up again, with our child leading the way.

My prayer for you today is that if you find yourself in the cave today, you will have the strength and energy to do the next right thing. And you will know in your heart, no matter how much you question whether it is “right” or not, that you will take the step forward anyway, and trust your new special parent sense.

If you have been in this cave in the past, and you have found your way to the light, my prayer for you this month is that you will continue to have the capacity to sustain your current level of strength and guide others who are in the cave to the light.

Please know that even though you may have found your way out of the darkness in the past, on this amazing journey we are all on—you may find yourself circling back to a cave. The caves may look different on the inside, and they may take you by surprise, but have faith in knowing that there will be light to follow each and every time.

This journey has many twists and turns, and we may end up in dark places more often than not, but we must trust ourselves, and have the courage to guide others—to do the next right thing.  ~Maria

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